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We believe brands have their own personalities. They need to reach out and find a community that embraces them, that loves them and can become loyal to them. We are here to know your brand, maximize and strategize the opportunities to reach it's audience and make an unforgettable experience.


Mónica Santa

Founder & Strategist

"If you dream it, it can be achieved. There is no better feeling than to see a dream materialized. If you do what you love and experience the results, is the greatest high on life."

Arturo Rivera

Art Department 

"Roadtrip is a great team in all aspects, we all do a little bit of everything for the sake of a great project. We are a great family"

Karlla Marquez

Account Executive

"We adore our clients. Working with them to help them achieve their goals and plans is an amazing experience."

Diana Pérez

Account Executive 

"We give our 500% to everything we do, We work with our clients as a team, engaging, negotiating and producing all aspects of a proyect, with great passion and commitment."

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Tel: 998.4281

Ponce de León #651

Suite 2B

San Juan PR 00907

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